Hello! I’m Madison, an accomplished and passionate graphic designer dedicated to creating purposeful designs infused with meaning and impact in every detail. With an associate degree in graphic design and a vocational degree in interactive multimedia technology, along with relevant certifications, I first entered the field through freelance. I later worked as a graphic designer work study student at my college. Shortly after, I obtained a position as an associate graphic designer at SBD, Inc. 
Throughout my career, my passion in the field has only deepened, as my capabilities sharpened. I’ve formed a diverse skillset throughout my studies and professional experiences. I’m experienced in crafting diverse collateral intended for instructional and promotional purposes, including both digital and printed projects. I’ve come to value the importance of collaboration in this field particularly, as it helps deliver media that everybody can understand. I personally hold a strong enthusiasm in print design, as a few of my favorite elements of graphic design are layout and composition!
I have always been captivated by the world of art. My love for expressing meaning through art with my creativity is what led me to this field, and I found a deep passion in bringing ideas to life through design.
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